About Us

The SHOALO® brand started life as H2OTOGS back in 2010. After eight successful years we re-branded to SHOALO® to allow us to market our brand worldwide

Our brand was setup in response to athletes wanting great kit that they can fully customise and buy in small quantities to allow every team member to look professional when competing and feel part of the clubs "family

We also offer catalogue/collection swimwear and apparel, which is kit already designed with unique and exclusive designs to SHOALO® 

Whether you are a water polo team, swimming squad, underwater hockey team, underwater rugby team, life saving squad, triathlon club, diving squad + more. Or even a rugby team looking for alternative underwear and you want to #lookawesome, then look no further, SHOALO® is the brand for you

The SHOALO® brand is a trademark of the Waterpoloshop Ltd, which is a family business run by the Millward-Hulme family

The business was established after Pauline spent many years playing water polo at both national and international level

Upon contacting us you will be dealt with by either Pauline or Shaun


SHOALO® - Custom Design Swimwear / Apparel / Accessories

SHOALO® - Catalogue & Collection Swimwear / Apparel / Accessories